Dress for a Casual Night Out on a Budget!

Hi everyone, welcome to my very first blog post!

First off, I want to let you know a little bit about me before I start. I am a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York. I study Advertising and Marketing with a huge interest in the beauty and fashion industries. I used to be over weight and I struggled with my weight and skin issues for various parts of my life. I want to share my insight with others because I believe in this mantra, ‘to look good is certainly to feel good.’ I want to empower women and help them to realize that they don’t need to have the best skin or the smallest frame to feel sexy and confident. Learning to utilize the tools we have right in front of us is they best way to achieve what we want, and I’m going to show you how to do it!

Love a copper|bronzed eyelid

I will be writing a full biography, but for now I just wanted to let you know a little bit about me and why you should trust me! I’m here for you.

So as for this post, let’s get started. I want to talk about how I dress myself for a casual night out. I do know that many readers are on a budget, as am I. With this being said, don’t be afraid to look for a great deal, there’s nothing wrong with visiting a local thrift store. My thought process when I am shopping at a thrift store is as follows: What exactly am I looking for? What staple pieces do I have at home that I can incorporate with my thrift store finds? YOUR BIGGEST MISTAKE: don’t try to look for a whole outfit in one day. I can never stress enough how important your staple pieces are and these are where you really should invest. I will get to staple pieces in a future blog post. But, let’s get back to thrifting.

After visiting a thrift store multiple times you can find pieces that you can mix and match together. For example, the outfit shown in this post was all bought at Buffalo Exchange at different times throughout a span of two months. I knew I wanted a black turtle neck, LADIES…you cannot go wrong with a beautifully fitted turtleneck. It doesn’t hurt that turtlenecks are so on trend for the fall. Now, the benefit of buying this turtleneck at the thrift store: I get better quality for a lower price point. I know fast fashion can be easy and accessible for a lot of us, but think of it this way, you can find a high quality item at a thrift store for a discounted price. You can’t really go wrong here, plus the fit and construction will still be on point after a few washes.


The cape shown in this post is also ridiculously on trend. Capes are everywhere this fall. Forget the stigma that comes with thrift shopping. You can find on trend pieces here without the department store mark-up. If you want to jump for joy even more, I purchased this whole outfit for less than $150 dollars. FYI: the Marc by Marc Jacobs cape is selling online for over $300.

About the jeans, they are Zara premium denim ‘Mom Jeans.’ I’m a huge fan of mom jeans, but a point I want to make here is that they are certainly not for everyone. Women with a shorter torso should be wearing a lower rise jean to elongate their torso. A pair of low-rise boyfriend jeans would work in this case when re-creating a look like this. Most of you would associate Zara as a fast fashion retailer, but they are quite pricey as a lot of their items can be of better quality. In my opinion, at least.


To the shoes, I always like to look out for collaborations. Who is excited about the H&M Balmain collaboration coming up November 5th?! Keeping up with these collaborative collections can help you snag runway looks for less from your favorite designers. My shoes are from the Target & Altuzarra collaboration last year. I absolutely love these shoes, they go with everything. A simple ankle strap pump can dress up a casual look and really create something chic and sophisticated.



Remember guys, it’s all about styling. A simple thing like tucking a fitted blouse into jeans can create a beautiful silhouette on the body. When you feel confident with your outfit and your look, does it really matter if you got it a thrift store or not? Have fun with it and don’t forget to be confident. You’re a head turner!

Thank you for reading and I hope you come back soon!




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